Ron Swanson: We love him.

I came across this article yesterday in the LA Times and knew I had to share. Hannah agreed.

LA Times: Ron Swanson

One thing is certain- we love us some Parks and Recreation and we LOVE the character that is Ron Swanson.


There’s really no way to describe him, but this article paints a pretty amazing picture. If you don’t watch this show- go on Instant Netflix and start this series ASAP. In my opinion, the first season starts out a little slow- but hang in there! It gets soooo much better as you go. The cast is insane- Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson!), Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, Adam Scott, Rob Lowe etc. etc.

Just to give you an idea of why we love him, here are some of our favorite Ron quotes:

When I eat, it’s the food that’s scared.”

“It reminds me of when my dad made me choose which of my pet calves to slaughter with my own hands for my 6th birthday. I couldn’t choose, so I slaughtered both of them. And they were delicious.”

“The less I know about other people’s affairs, the happier I am. I’m not interested in caring about people. I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name. Best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes.”

“I won’t publicly endorse a product unless I use it exclusively. My only official recommendations are U.S. Army issued mustache trimmers, Morton’s salt, and the C.R. Lawrence Fein two inch axe-style scraper oscillating knife blade.”

“You had me at meat tornado.”

Trust us, you will not regret watching.

Thursday- NBC @ 9:30/8:30c

DISCLAIMER: No, we do not in any way work for this show. However, we probably wish that we did.


New Music Alert: Foxes

I am constantly scouring the interwebs for new music that moves my soul, makes me wanna get up and dance, puts a smile on my face, makes me wave my arms in the air, or just makes me go “ooooooooh.”  Since I can’t keep anything good to myself for very long (or anything bad, really – I’m an open book), I of course feel the need to share whatever I’ve found with all of you IMMEDIATELY.

And so I have to share my new-found love with you right this second because SHE’S SO GOOD and you all should know her and she’s going to BLOW UP (in a good way)!!  May I introduce to you: Foxes (aka Louisa Rose Allen).  Foxes is a 22-year old from London who has two songs currently available for listening, and y’all, seriously, they’re both AMAZING!  You need to listen to them NOW.  Can you tell I’m really into this girl??  Am I using enough caps for all of you?!?!?  Okay, now that we’ve established that she’s the bomb, go listen to her songs.  They’re on Spotify, they’re on YouTube, they’re on Soundcloud, and they’re below for instant gratification.  I think I’ve given you enough options.  You have no excuse now not to see what all the fuss is about.

Tunes on the Tube: March 18-24

As I predicted in last Tuesday’s post, all of the songs this week are from the same shows!  Don’t worry though, once the mid-season and summer shows start airing, my lists will change quite a bit.  For now, enjoy the stellar music that RINGER, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES are using.  Most of it I’d heard before, but there are a couple new songs for me in the list below!

Monday, March 19th

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: “Always” by Peter Bradley Adams (from the album Leavetaking)

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: “Suggestions” by Orelia Has Orchestra (from the album Orelia Has Orchestra)

Tuesday, March 20th

RINGER: “Tightrope” by Joy Williams (from the EP We Mapped The World)

RINGER: “Smoke And Mirrors” by Gotye (from the album Making Mirrors)

Thursday, March 22nd

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Can’t Go Back” by Rosi Golan (from the album Lead Balloon)

Pop Culture Breakdown: Bieber Fever Edition

I know the beginning of the week can be a drag, so I wanted to start it off right. Now, this might be a bit of an abstruse (word of the day) topic, but try and stay with me. I could lie and say I woke up this morning and crammed in some Dostoyevsky before work, but I won’t do that. I stumbled upon this sure-to-be-hit and felt like it was something worth sharing.

Justin Bieber’s new single- “Boyfriend”

Listen here. 

Below you will find my breakdown of the lyrics. Hold on tight, y’all. This song is deep.

If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go

I can take you places you ain’t never been before

Baby take a chance or you’ll never ever know

I got money in my hands that I’d really like to blow

Swag swag swag, on you

–      First off- I love it when an 18 year-old has $127 bajillion dollars that he wants to blow on his new lady.  Where was this guy when I was 18? Ladies, if a guy says this to you- ask him to pay for college. Swag is overrated.

Chillin by the fire why we eatin’ fondue

I dunno about me but I know about you

So say hello to falsetto in three two…

–      Who doesn’t love a good melted cheese/chocolate party?! Sounds like a fun date to me.

–      Fondue + You= genius rhymes. On top of that, he gives us a countdown to prepare us for those high notes.

That Justin, always being so thoughtful.

I’d like to be everything you want

Hey girl, let me talk to you

If I was your boyfriend, never let you go

Keep you on my arm girl, you’d never be alone

I can be a gentleman, anything you want

If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go, I’d never let you go.

–      This part scared me because it is EXACTLY what my husband said to me on our first date. Was Justin there? Was our conversation tapped? Am I living in some weird version of the Truman Show? This song really makes me question everything.

Tell me what you like yeah tell me what you don’t

I could be your Buzz Lightyear fly across the globe

I don’t never wanna fight yeah, you already know

I am ‘ma a make you shine bright like you’re laying in the snow


–      Where to start? Turning Buzz Lightyear into some weird sex symbol makes me really uncomfortable.

–      Try and say the second to last line out loud- “I am ‘ma a make you…” Yeah, I can’t make it sound cool either.

–      Ending with an onomatopoeia. Solid.

Girlfriend, girlfriend, you could be my girlfriend

You could be my girlfriend until the —- world ends

Make you dance do a spin and a twirl and

Voice goin crazy on this hook like a whirl wind


–      Plus side- At least he’s not afraid of commitment.

–      Down side- I don’t know what “swaggie” is.

Repeat of the Chorus and then wrapping it all up with:

 Na na na, na na na, na na na

Ya girl

Na na na, na na na, na na na ey

Na na na, na na na, na na na ey

Na na na, na na na, na na na ey

If I was your boyfriend.

–      This was the most relatable part of the song for me. I really feel like he was speaking straight to my heart. Can’t explain it.

Na. Ey.

There you have it! Justin Bieber’s newest masterpiece. You’re welcome.

**I am aware this post has no real value- but that’s what pop culture is all about right?! Happy Monday!


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Shazam’d! Sunday – March 25th

Hello, and welcome to my first ever Shazam’d! post.  Come with me as I take you on a journey of musical exploration (aka tell you what songs I discovered this week through Shazam or Soundhound).  Whenever possible, I will post a link to the artist’s website and to the song itself for your listening pleasure.  Sometimes the song in question is not in circulation online, in which case I will provide as much information as I can with regards to album/song release dates.  Even if you’re not able to listen to a song, rest assured that it’s fantastic and you should check it out once it’s available!  I mean, I loved it enough to Shazam it, didn’t I?  I realize this is calling on you to trust me and my musical tastes… hopefully I’ll be able to win your trust after I’ve posted a few times, and you’ll be more likely to search out songs from Shazam’d! Sundays.  I promise they’re good, y’all!!

This week, I loved:

“Move to the Mountains” by Clock Opera (from the forthcoming album Ways To Forget, available on April 23rd)

“Worship” by Ane Brun feat. Jose Gonzales (from the album It All Starts With One)

“Weights & Measures” by Dry The River (from the forthcoming album Shallow Bed, available on April 17th)

“Champaign, Illinois” by Old 97’s (from the album The Grand Theatre, Vol. 1)

“Bottom of the River” by Delta Rae

“Shiny Things” by Fanfarlo (from the album Rooms Filled With Light)

“Golden Mile” by Daniel Rossen (from the EP Silent Hour/Golden Mile)

“And I Say” by Nicolas Jaar feat. Scout Larue

“Submarines” by The Lumineers (from their forthcoming self-titled debut album, available on April 3rd)

Teeny boppers, books and burgers

Ashley and I tried to be teeny boppers yesterday and stood in line for more than an hour for a chance to get our books signed by Gale, Cato and Rue at the local Barnes & Noble.  When the store rep came out and told 90% of the line that they wouldn’t get their books signed after all, after most had been waiting for more than THREE hours, you could cut the tension with a knife.  Those tweens were maaaaaaaad.  Ashley and I, on the other hand, said “oh well! let’s go eat!” and went next door to stuff ourselves with grass-fed burgers, organic hot dogs, and potato wedges with black truffle salt.  Please enjoy our photo journal of the evening, and feel free to tell us what dorks we are for standing in line in the first place!  We already know it, so you won’t hurt our feelings. 🙂  And if you live in LA (or ever visit), be sure to check out Short Order at The Farmer’s Market – mmm yummy!

The line at 6:00pm:

The line at 7:00pm.  See how far we moved? (we wish!)

We ate dinner by a fireplace.  Another reason to hit up Short Order.

Dinner!  I had the Short Order Burger and Ashley had the Pretzel Pups, and we split an order of the potato wedges with black truffle salt and sour cream and bacon dipping sauce.  It tasted even better than it sounds, if that’s possible.

Ashley dug into those wedges!

A lotta good these wristbands did us!

Ashley showed off her book, sans signature.  We may not have met the tributes, but we still managed to have a good time!

How I stayed up past midnight two nights in a row

This week has been a bit out of the ordinary for me, as I have stayed up past midnight not once, but TWO times.  You’re probably thinking, “You’re 27 and live in Los Angeles and work in entertainment, shouldn’t every night be a late night?”  My answer for you is: no.  Absolutely not.  I may be 27 on the outside, but I’m an old, tired woman on the inside and I prefer to be cozy in my bed by 11pm every night.  Except maybe Friday nights, because Saturday is the only day I get to sleep in past 8am.  Regardless, I had 2 events this week that jolted my sleep habits out of their safe sleep habit place, and now it’s Friday and I think I’ll probably be asleep by 10pm tonight because I am KNACKERED (Translation: really really tired.  Disclaimer: I lived in NZ for a year during college and Australia for 6 months after graduation, and I use a lot of British/Kiwi/Aussie words like snog, keen, pash, and knackered).  Since both of my late night/early morning events were really fun and totally blog-worthy, I thought I’d whip up a quick post to fill you all in.

On Wednesday night I stayed up to go to a late show at The Bootleg Theatre, one of those cool hipster-bar-slash-concert-venues that are scattered throughout Los Angeles.  I have loved the band Yellow Ostrich since I first heard the song “WHALE” during my time in the DreamWorks music department, probably about a year and a half ago.  They have played in LA a couple times since then, but I never made it out to see them live until Wednesday night.  I was expecting a good show, but they delivered a GREAT show.  I was surprised by how powerful and creative they were on stage, and walked away with a new-found appreciation for their talent!  Between the 3 of them (see below – aren’t they so angsty and mysterious and adorable?), they played at least 10 instruments.

Check out their songs “WHALE,” “Bread” and “Marathon Runner” below, and be sure to listen to their albums on Spotify!  If you love them like I do, you can also purchase their music on iTunes and Amazon.  And definitely go see them if they’re ever in your neck of the woods!!



Marathon Runner

Last night I stayed up even later and attended a midnight screening of THE HUNGER GAMES.  Gary Ross introduced the film, which was fun and oh-so-LA, and the energy in the theater was palpable.  I was soooooo impressed by the film, everything from the direction to the acting (oh Josh Hutcherson, be still my heart!) to the cinematography to the music.  In my opinion, Gary Ross delivered an adaptation that was very much worthy of the book, and I will most definitely be seeing it again in theaters.  Did anyone else go to a midnight screening?  What were your thoughts on the film/the midnight viewing experience?

Blurry phone photo before the movie started… I’m the one in the green and white scarf.  Brian’s energy can only be explained by his consumption of 5 Hour Energy a few minutes prior.  Also he’s always like that.

Ok so I know I promised a short post, but obviously my excitement got the better of me (that happens a lot).  Here’s my closing argument (picture me as Alicia Florrick saying this in court): Yellow Ostrich and THE HUNGER GAMES are awesome.  Go see them both.  Boom.

– Hannah

The Hungry Games!

Welcome! When we started talking about this blog, I told Hannah I wanted to post some fun recipes I had discovered or created myself. These will all be fairly inexpensive and usually VERY simple. A note about most of my recipes- they tend to involve some form of cheese and bread. I believe cheese and bread can go with almost every meal. Or, if you’re lucky- be a meal in and of itself. Is it the healthiest combo? No. Is it the most delicious? I say YES!

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention SOMETHING about the Hunger Games. Hannah and I are both huge fans and already have our tickets for when the movie opens this weekend.

Now, I usually run away from the giant tween franchises*, but I had heard amazing things about these books so I decided to give them a try.

I blazed through all of them in about a week. For those of you who haven’t read them, here is my very weak synopsis of the first book. This is basically the summary I gave to my Mom to try and convince her to see the movie.  If a movie can stay within these boundaries, it is almost certain she will enjoy it.

–        It is a futuristic, sci-fi fantasy series BUT there are no werewolves, vampires or large buckets of teenage angst.

–       Amazing costumes! Make up! Hooray!

–       There is a lot of action, and you might cry (if you have a heart).

I am sure you can garner the other details from the trailer…

We decided it would be fun to come up with recipes in honor of this wonderful series!  If you’re feeling brave, you may even want to stash a few of these items in your over-sized bag to enjoy during the movie. I know theaters generally frown upon this, but I once snuck two Tupperware containers full of grilled chicken and potatoes, and a large thermos of juice into a showing of “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, so who am I to judge?

Now, on with the recipes! They are semi-based on the book, but you have to read to understand the references. I am not going to be doing that for you. 

Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think of the movie and/or the food! **

 * This might be a lie. I may or may not have seen the last three Twilight films at midnight screenings the day they came out.

** Only positive comments regarding the recipes, please. As far as the movie, say what you will. I didn’t have anything to do with the production of it, although it looks amazing!

Baguette with Goat Cheese and Basil

This one pretty much speaks for itself.


Baquette (or really any loaf of bread)

Goat cheese

Basil leaves

Blackberry Jam*


Cut two large slices of bread and toast the halves in the oven for a few minutes.

Spread on the goat cheese and place the basil leaves on top!

*If you’re feeling bold you might want to try adding some homemade blackberry jam.

2 cups blackberries

Juice of ½ lemon

½ cup sugar

Crush blackberries with a spoon

Heat ingredients in a saucepan over high heat for about 5 minutes

Stir to dissolve the sugar

Reduce heat, cook for additional 15 minutes

Skim off the foam and pour into a bowl/jar and cool

Whole Wheat Drop Biscuits


2 cups whole wheat flour

1 tablespoon baking powder

½ teaspoon cream of tartar

2 teaspoons sugar

1 teaspoon salt

4 tablespoons slightly melted margarine/butter

1 cup milk

*I shredded some Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese because I LOVE cheese and bread. Always.

The original recipe called for shortening and more butter, but I opted out of those.


Preheat oven to 450 degrees

Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl

Add the cheese and mix

Stir in butter and milk until moistened

Drop the batter on a greased cookie sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes.

Let cool and enjoy! These are also fantastic with the aforementioned blackberry jam.

Goat Cheese, Apple Tarts with Walnuts



3 cups whole wheat flour

1 cup shortening

2 tablespoons sugar

2 eggs, beaten

2 teaspoon distilled white vinegar

1 teaspoon salt

6 tablespoons water


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Combine the flour, sugar and salt into a bowl

Add the softening and cut into little bits with a pastry blender

Mix together the beaten eggs, vinegar and water in a larger bowl

Gradually add the flour mixture to the egg mixture and whisk together

Form the dough into a ball and wrap in plastic wrap. Chill the dough while you work on the other ingredients.

Apple filling:

2 cups diced apples

1/4 cup sugar

3 tablespoons cornstarch

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon salt

Pinch of nutmeg

1 3/4 cups of water


Combine sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt and mix into pot with water

Add the apples, bring to a boil and cook for 3-5 minutes, stirring constantly

Lower heat, cover and simmer for 10-12 minutes

Goat Cheese Filling:

5 oz. goat cheese

1/3 cup sour cream

4 tablespoons sugar

3 tablespoons honey

1 egg


Mix goat cheese, sour cream, sugar and honey in a bowl

Add egg and mix until creamy

Putting it all together!

Take your dough out of the fridge and form into 10- 12 balls

Roll out your dough balls on a floured surface

Place them into the muffin/tartlet pan and fold sides to make a crust

Beat together one egg and 1 teaspoon cream 

Brush mixture lightly over crusts

Fill the crusts 1/2 with goat cheese filling. Bake for 15 minutes

Remove from oven and add apple filling and top with walnuts. Bake for 20 more minutes

Let the tarts cool a bit, but eat while they are still warm. These are not so tasty when cold.

I realize basing recipes off of a teen book series brings my dork level to an all-time high, but I am OK with that. Hannah and I may have some more exciting news regarding the Hunger Games tomorrow as well as a GIVE AWAY! Free things!! Until then, enjoy these treats and Happy Thursday!

Tunes on the Tube: March 11-17

Howdy, and welcome to the first weekly Tunes on the Tube Tuesday!  Every Tuesday, I will be compiling a list of the best songs I heard on TV that week.  I will always list the artist and the album, and whenever possible, I’ll also provide a link to listen to the song.

I’ve got some really good ones for you for the first post!  And since the following shows consistently use some of the best music on TV, you should probably get used to seeing them on my Tunes on the Tube lists.  And now, without further adieu, I give you my tunes on the tube for the week of March 11th!  Enjoy!

P.S. – if you ever feel like I’m missing music that should undeniably, without question, absolutely be on the list because it’s just. that. good…. please let me know!  I love TV and I love music, so why wouldn’t I like your recommendations for the best music on TV?  See?  I would.  So have at it.  I promise I’ll watch/listen to every last one you send me. 🙂

Sunday, March 11th

THE GOOD WIFE: “Dust Bowl III” by Other Lives (from the album Tamer Animals)

Tuesday, March 13th

RINGER: “See Me” by She Keeps Bees (from the album Dig On)

RINGER: “All The Rowboats” by Regina Spektor (single)

Thursday, March 15th

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Lick the Palm of the Burning Handshake” by Zola Jesus (from the album Conatus)

VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Be The Song” by Foy Vance (single)

Can I get a “woo woo” for our first ever blog post!

Hello all, and welcome to soowhatnow!  I’m Hannah, your co-host, co-creator, co-blogger extraordinaire.  My friend Ashley and I created soowhatnow as a place to share our favorite movies, music, food, television, and interior design ideas.  We are both twenty-somethings from small city America (Ashley’s from Texas and I’m from Oregon), now living in the fast-paced entertainment-driven urban sprawl of Los Angeles.

Ashley is newly married and I am 27 years single, and we’re both at points in our lives where “so what now?” has become an increasingly uttered question, for us and for all of our friends.  It’s the question we all ask ourselves at numerous points in our lives, and is especially prevalent among Gen Y’ers like us.  We decided our “what now” was this blog – an outlet for our creativity and a space where we can build something outside of our jobs.

Prepare yourself for some seriously fun recipes, movie reviews, top ten lists, music recommendations, before-and-after projects and more.  We might even have a few of our insanely awesome LA friends drop by as guest bloggers, so get ready to have your socks knocked off by their knowledge and know-how, not to mention their wit!

We can’t wait to start sharing our world with all of you, and we hope that you’ll share yours right back by following, commenting, emailing us, and sharing soowhatnow with all of your friends who might be asking the same question – so what now?


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