Teeny boppers, books and burgers

Ashley and I tried to be teeny boppers yesterday and stood in line for more than an hour for a chance to get our books signed by Gale, Cato and Rue at the local Barnes & Noble.  When the store rep came out and told 90% of the line that they wouldn’t get their books signed after all, after most had been waiting for more than THREE hours, you could cut the tension with a knife.  Those tweens were maaaaaaaad.  Ashley and I, on the other hand, said “oh well! let’s go eat!” and went next door to stuff ourselves with grass-fed burgers, organic hot dogs, and potato wedges with black truffle salt.  Please enjoy our photo journal of the evening, and feel free to tell us what dorks we are for standing in line in the first place!  We already know it, so you won’t hurt our feelings. 🙂  And if you live in LA (or ever visit), be sure to check out Short Order at The Farmer’s Market – mmm yummy!

The line at 6:00pm:

The line at 7:00pm.  See how far we moved? (we wish!)

We ate dinner by a fireplace.  Another reason to hit up Short Order.

Dinner!  I had the Short Order Burger and Ashley had the Pretzel Pups, and we split an order of the potato wedges with black truffle salt and sour cream and bacon dipping sauce.  It tasted even better than it sounds, if that’s possible.

Ashley dug into those wedges!

A lotta good these wristbands did us!

Ashley showed off her book, sans signature.  We may not have met the tributes, but we still managed to have a good time!


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