Shazam’d! Sunday – March 25th

Hello, and welcome to my first ever Shazam’d! post.  Come with me as I take you on a journey of musical exploration (aka tell you what songs I discovered this week through Shazam or Soundhound).  Whenever possible, I will post a link to the artist’s website and to the song itself for your listening pleasure.  Sometimes the song in question is not in circulation online, in which case I will provide as much information as I can with regards to album/song release dates.  Even if you’re not able to listen to a song, rest assured that it’s fantastic and you should check it out once it’s available!  I mean, I loved it enough to Shazam it, didn’t I?  I realize this is calling on you to trust me and my musical tastes… hopefully I’ll be able to win your trust after I’ve posted a few times, and you’ll be more likely to search out songs from Shazam’d! Sundays.  I promise they’re good, y’all!!

This week, I loved:

“Move to the Mountains” by Clock Opera (from the forthcoming album Ways To Forget, available on April 23rd)

“Worship” by Ane Brun feat. Jose Gonzales (from the album It All Starts With One)

“Weights & Measures” by Dry The River (from the forthcoming album Shallow Bed, available on April 17th)

“Champaign, Illinois” by Old 97’s (from the album The Grand Theatre, Vol. 1)

“Bottom of the River” by Delta Rae

“Shiny Things” by Fanfarlo (from the album Rooms Filled With Light)

“Golden Mile” by Daniel Rossen (from the EP Silent Hour/Golden Mile)

“And I Say” by Nicolas Jaar feat. Scout Larue

“Submarines” by The Lumineers (from their forthcoming self-titled debut album, available on April 3rd)


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