Tunes on the Tube: April 1-7

This week’s post will be much shorter than usual, due to the fact that DirecTV stopped carrying The CW for a week, so I have yet to catch up on all of my usual music-heavy shows like THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, RINGER and GOSSIP GIRL.  Is it weird that my first thought when I turned to The CW, only to see a message from DirecTV stating that they were not currently carrying the network but hoped to have it back soon, was “but what about my Tunes On The Tube next week?!”?  I guess that shows that this blog has become a priority for me, which is a good thing!  Right?  Right.

Anyhoo, this week I’ve only got GREY’S ANATOMY and MAKE IT OR BREAK IT music for you, but I’ll have an extra long post next week, as I’ll include music from the shows that I missed.

Monday, April 2nd

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT: “Turn To Spring” by Shelley O’Brien (from the album Vivarium)

Thursday, April 5th

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Are You Sleeping” by Winterpills (from the EP Tuxedo of Ashes)

“The Weight Of Love” by Snow Patrol (from the album Fallen Empires)

“Amongster” by Polica (from the album Give You The Ghost)


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