Titanic 3D and Easter Bunnies

I went to see Titanic 3D last week, and I have to say, it was cheesier than I remember. When I saw it in the theater (3 or 4 times) as a 5th grader (don’t judge me), I thought it was PURE genius in every way. It was still a fun, nostalgic experience, but I couldn’t help questioning a few plot points. Here are a few thoughts my friends and I had after seeing the movie:

– When Rose almost jumps off the boat and Jack saves her, why does it take her so long to tell those boat security guys that he wasn’t trying to molest her? It seems like over an hour. Enough time to wrap up in a blanket, put him in handcuffs, drink some tea and assemble everyone in her family. Ridiculous.

– Why does that creepy guy Lovejoy take so much pleasure in following them around? Even after the boat is sinking and he’s totally doomed- he sticks with it. It was weirder in 3D.

– Can you really just fall THAT in love with someone in 36 hours? My gut says, no. My heart, says maybe.

– Why do they say each other’s names SO. MANY. TIMES?? “Jack!” “Rose!” It’s insane. It’s like they are afraid they are going to forget if they don’t repeat them 1,000 times in every scene.


– I was saying this to my husband on the way home, and it turns out our friends were thinking the same thing- In the end, when Rose (spoiler alert) dies in her bed as a super old lady, she goes back to Titanic to meet Jack. This seems like a good ending.

HOWEVER- what about the man she actually married and spent most of her life with?! Like- her actual husband who fathered all of those children? I like to think he’s just waiting at some other clock tower in the afterlife, fuming mad because she went back to that scoundrel she knew for 48 hours. Not to mention- returning to the ship that crashed and sank, probably resulting in the most traumatic experience of your life. That does not sound like heaven to me.

All of that being said, I would still recommend seeing it if you were a fan the first time around. It’s still Titanic and it’s a cool story. The end.

As we all know, this past Sunday was Easter! While most of my friends were at church, I was working an Easter party at my boss’ home. This is the biggest event for her family and I had the task of coordinating and making sure everything went smoothly. It felt very much like planning a wedding.

My boss seemed pleased with the end result. The weather was ridiculously beautiful and I had a fun time people watching.

I asked her if I could post a few photos and she agreed so, enjoy!

The yard:

Every child received this gift bag filled with Easter-y things. There were 50 of these bags. Ouch.

That omelette buffet was one of the best experiences of my life. All homemade sauces, fresh herbs and PULLED PORK. In an omelet. Heaven. I may have to try and recreate it in the near future…

Speaking of food- I am preparing a gluten-free, vegan meal tonight and, assuming all goes well, I will post the recipe sometime tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!



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