LA Food Love + Hometown Favorites!

To shake things up- Hannah and I decided not to post our own recipes this weekend, but to highlight some of our favorite spots in LA. We also wanted to share some of our favorite spots from “back home” (aka Texas and Oregon).

Below are our top choices for the week and our thoughts on what to order should you visit one of these fine establishments.

Restaurant- Heirloom LA catering Los Angeles, CA

Recommended by: Ashley

I crossed paths with this company at work and I HIGHLY recommend them. Their staff is super friendly and the food I have been lucky enough to sample has been..well, amazing. They catered my boss’ Easter party and as fate would have it, the chef left his sweatshirt at the house. In exchange for me returning his hoodie, I received these fine creations:

Lasagna cupcakes!! I mean- come ON NOW.

Each little lasagna was filled with different gourmet combos.

Here is what we have:

(Top row) Beef Ribs with Cipolinni Onion, Confit Baby Artichoke, Roasted Pork

(Bottom row) Sweet Corn, Beef Ribs, and Veal Osso Buco

I grilled up some broccoli with these bad boys and voilà! My favorites were the sweet corn and the beef ribs.

I really want to get a group of friends together, and have these guys come out for an amazing dinner party- any LA pals want in? Anyone??

Restaurant: Chanos Los Angeles, CA

Recommended by: Hannah

Some of the best Mexican food in LA, right across the street from the USC campus.

Try: THE NACHOS.  I cannot stress this enough.  Their nachos are out of this world good.

Restaurant: Galanga Los Angeles, CA

Recommended by: Hannah

(Photo swiped from Yelp)

My favorite Thai restaurant in LA, and one of my favorite restaurants period.  Been coming here since 2006, and it has yet to disappoint.  I’m such a regular that the owners know me, and everyone I take with me becomes a regular too.  It’s that good.  Oh and don’t try to find it online, cause it doesn’t have a website.  Galanga’s so legit it doesn’t need one.

Try: Cashew Nut Chicken, Spicy Green Bean Chicken, Raspberry Iced Tea, and any of their curries.

Restaurant: Lupe Tortilla Houston, TX

Recommended by: Ashley

One of the things I miss the most (other than friends and family, of course) about Texas is the Tex-Mex. I love it so very much, and really nothing comes close in LA. I know California has some amazing Mexican food, but it’s just not the same! I want my chips and queso and fajitas in a giant flour tortilla served on a sizzling platter. SO SUE ME.

This place always comes to mind when my cravings strike.

Try: The fajitas and the queso!! Look at all that meat! I want/need this for lunch now. Maybe this post was a horrible idea…

Restaurant: The Glenwood Eugene, OR

Recommended by: Hannah

(Another photo swiped from Yelp)

My favorite restaurant in Eugene, hands down.  Has the BEST brunch I’ve found anywhere in the world (just slightly better than Capers in Dunedin, New Zealand).

Try: Durango Scramble w/ Home Fries, or their famous Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup.

And there you have it! Our local LA favorites and our most missed eateries from home.

Now I will attempt to pull myself out of this queso-less depression and enjoy the rest of my weekend! Happy Saturday!!


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