Tunes On The Tube: April 15-21

Last week saw one of my absolute favorite new artists, Foxes, get a very prominent placement in the last few minutes of GOSSIP GIRL.  I mentioned her a few weeks ago and told you all to go listen to the 2 songs she had released, then posted about her AGAIN when she released a 3rd song about a week ago.  Now GG is using her music.

Seriously, yo, if you haven’t already checked this girl out, NOW IS THE TIME.  My friends will tell you I’m an excitable person and I tend to talk things up, but I don’t get THIS excited and bring an artist up this many times unless I really believe they are something special.  Foxes is that artist.  Do yourself a favor and discover her now, while you can still see her in intimate, cozy little venues, before the whole world is let in on the secret and suddenly you have to fight to get tickets for her sold out arena shows.

Now on with the music:

Monday, April 16th

GOSSIP GIRL: “Youth” by Foxes

HART OF DIXIE: “A Soft Place To Land” by Kathleen Edwards (from the album Voyageur)

Tuesday, April 17th

RINGER: “Make It Happen” by Gemma Ray (from the album Island Fire)

RINGER: “Stay With Me” by New Found Land (from the album The Bell)

Wednesday, April 18th

REVENGE: “One Soul Less On Your Fiery List” by Okkervil River (from the EP Golden Opportunities 2)

Thursday, April 19th

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Shame On You” by Mariah McManus (from the album Nice To Meet You)


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