Cause for Good: Sister Effect

Hey there blog readers-

I would like to introduce you to my good friend Lizi:


(Here we are at my wedding this summer.)

Not only is she a wonderful friend, a fantastic Mom and an INCREDIBLE musician (check out her and her husband’s music here), she is also working with some super awesome folks on an exciting new project. Together, they have created “Sister Effect”, a non-profit organization aimed at improving the lives of women in the Sudan. You can read about their mission, team and ways that you can be involved here:

Sister Effect

They are aiming to provide education, clean water, shelter and more to these amazing women who have lived through more than we could ever comprehend.

Now, I know there are a lot of organizations out there that CLAIM to help people in Africa or other impoverished nations, only to steal, lie and manipulate people into giving their hard-earned money or the like. Not here!

I can vouch for this team and say whole-heartedly their goal is to enrich the lives of these women in a war-torn country, and partner with them to provide hope. Please, please, please check them out and feel free to share their information with others.

I know this is a bit of a digression from our usual posts- but I think this group is worth mentioning. I am not trying to push any political agendas here- just trying to help improve the world we live in! Thanks in advance for taking a look!

Happy Thursday!



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