New Music Alert: The Record Company

In case you haven’t tired of my endless music recommendations yet, I have to share my latest discovery: nitty gritty blues rock band The Record Company, based right here in Los Angeles.  The Record Company is made up of lead singer/guitarist Chris Vos, bass player Alex Wood, and drummer Marc Cazorla.  They began playing music together in the fall of last year, and have officially been a band for only a few months.  In that time, they have managed to take the LA music scene by storm, converting innocent bystanders into head-bopping, dancing fools wherever they play.

Some of the top music blogs in the biz have taken notice, describing them as “bluesy awesome sauce” (Turntable Kitchen) and “an upbeat Howlin Wolf, new-age Canned Heat, grimy sound that hurts SO good” (Kick Kick Snare).  If you like The Black Keys or Alabama Shakes, you’ll love The Record Company.

I had the pleasure of meeting the guys on Tuesday night after a live show (which they rocked!), and they could not be any nicer.  If you like to know that you’re supporting super nice, super talented, super hardworking people, then The Record Company is for you.  Really really.  Really.

See for yourself, and let me know what you think!


Also check out this awesome article on the band in LA Weekly:

LA Weekly – The Record Company

– Hannah


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