Tunes On The Tube: May 6-12

I apologize for my absence in the blogosphere last week; things got a bit busy here in LA, and I’m afraid my blogging suffered as a result.  But I’m back now and ready to blog it up with tunes on the tube!

The standout bit of TV for me this week was the last scene of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ season finale, in which (spoiler alert!!) Elena makes Stefan save Matt instead of her, and she drowns to the tune of Sigur Ros while we simultaneously see her parents drown in the same lake a few years back.  Was I the only one blubbering for a good 10 minutes on Friday night as I caught up on DVR?  And I mean that awful, ugly kind of blubbering cry where you yell at the TV “what the bleep?!?!?!?!?!” as Elena’s drowning and her parents are drowning and then she’s motioning for Stefan to save Matt and then more crying because how can she be so brave and selfless? and oh my gosh how is the show going to go on without Elena?! and then “what do you mean you SAVED her????” and then more yelling at the TV as Elena wakes up and oh my gosh the producers weren’t lying when they said this finale changed EVERYTHING and WTF ELENA IS NOW A VAMPIRE.  Oh, you mean to say you didn’t have that reaction?  Well then you must not have feelings, because that final scene sucked out all of my feelings and tossed them around like a washing machine.

So, yeah, check out the Sigur Ros song below and, if you watch THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, relive that moment over and over again with every listen.  I just did.

GOSSIP GIRL also had some great stuff last Monday, including one of my favorite new bands, Imagine Dragons.  And HART OF DIXIE can always be counted on for a few nuggets of country/bluegrass gold (speaking of HOD, I watched the season finale last night and have many thoughts that I will share with you next Tuesday.  Just you wait… you’ll probably get another stream of consciousness thought bubble similar to the one above).

Monday, May 7th

GOSSIP GIRL: “Halfway Home” by Tribes (from the album Baby)

GOSSIP GIRL: “Love Is A Fire” by Courrier

GOSSIP GIRL: “Round and Round” by Imagine Dragons (from their Continued Silence EP)

HART OF DIXIE: “Anyhow…” by Tyler Lyle (from The Golden Age & The Silver Girl)

HART OF DIXIE: “The Dregs of Birch” by The Duhks (from their self-titled album) – awesome bluegrass, available for listening at Spotify

Thursday, May 10th

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Dauoalogn” by Sigur Ros (from their forthcoming album Valtari, out May 29th)


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