Tunes On The Tube: June 3-9

Hola, music lovers!  I finally have a tune on the tube to blog about on this fine Tuesday morning!  No surprise that it comes from an ABC Family show, JANE BY DESIGN.  This is one of my favorite shows on ABC Family, if not the favorite.

JANE BY DESIGN stars Erica Dasher as “Jane,” a geeky-in-a-cool-way high school student who of course, in the real world, would be amazingly successful and popular because she’s beautiful and stylish and funny and smart.  Unfortunately for her, suburbia does not agree with her quirky style sensibility and penchant for clumsiness.  When Jane applies for an internship at a top fashion house, she is mistaken for a would-be assistant to the company’s president and (gasp!) is hired.  The show is an adorable take on the hero-leads-a-double-life genre, as Jane attempts to keep up her life as a high school student while also taking on more and more duties as a fashion assistant.

If all of that sounds like a bore, just check out the guy who plays Jane’s bestie, Nick Roux.  He’s in every episode, ladies.  Watching now?  Yeah, I thought so.

Alright, now that I’ve provided my hot boy pic of the day, back to the music!

ABC Family’s latest gem comes to us from a somewhat obscure little band, One Two.  I can’t find anything on them online, but hopefully their public presence will increase now that they’ve got ABC Family fans like myself hunting them down.

Tuesday, June 5th

JANE BY DESIGN: “Said I Would” by One Two (from their Trouble EP)


– Hannah


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