British Imports – The Music of Dan Croll and Joe Banfi

Hello from our almost month-long hiatus!  I don’t know about Ashley, but August was the most hectic month I’ve had in years.  I went to Oregon for my 28th birthday…

…and my 10 year high school reunion…

Then a couple weeks later, entertained the lovely Elisa, one of my best friends from Australia who’s now doing great things with a Christian organization in Birmingham, Alabama.  I treated her to the true Hollywood life (because of course every day is like this in LA!) with a visit to the set of REVENGE (yes, that is Victoria Grayson’s chair)…

…and Regina Spektor at The Greek (amazing!!!!!!)…

…and finally we embarked on a road trip up to Napa for some much-needed R&R.

But of course I wasn’t done after Napa.  A week following Elisa’s departure, I headed up north again to see my favorite band, Mumford & Sons, at their Gentlemen of the Road Monterey Stopover.

They were of course brilliant and the drive was worth it, but after a month of driving and flying and hosting and being hosted and hotels and motels, I am happy to be back in LA with no travel plans for the foreseeable future!

Which brings me to my latest music discoveries, now that I have time to blog again.  Both are British (of course, because I am me and love England and wish I could live in London and am slightly obsessed with all music from that part of the world).  Both were brought to my attention by Communion Records weekly newsletters.  Thank you, Communion, for continuing to expand my music library!  If you like Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, Phillip Phillips, Fleet Foxes, or Ray LaMontagne, you will like Joe Banfi and Dan Croll.

I dare you to deny the soulful rasp in Banfi’s voice:


Or the joyous swell of Croll’s “Home”:


Also, in honor of the recent London olympics and my love for all things British, here’s a beautiful hand-painted side table which I will someday attempt to recreate.

If I lived in NJ, I might just drove over to the seller’s house and pick this baby up for $115.  You can buy this beauty on Etsy at Suezcues.  You’re welcome.

xx Hannah


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