Tunes On The Tube: November 20-26

Soooooo…. did everyone have a good Thanksgiving?  I was little miss productive and used my half day on Wednesday to spray paint a couple lamps and then cover a boring beige lampshade with black and white ribbon.  Keep your eyes out for a couple before and after posts with my new gold lamps!  Then of course I made three different desserts for Thanksgiving, because I was off sugar and gluten for a month and Thanksgiving was my first cheat day and I wanted to eat all of my favorite sweet treats so I had to make them.  “Them” being chocolate cheesecake, sour cream lemon pie, and mint fudge.  All three were huge hits at the Thanksgiving dinner I attended, and the multitude of young children there realllllly loved that mint fudge.  The adults were really digging the chocolate cheesecake, and the sour cream lemon pie even won over a few non-lemon-loving friends.  I’ll definitely be posting recipes for all three before Christmas, so get ready to develop some serious sugar crushes in the near future.

Other than my baking spree, I saw three movies this weekend, my favorite of which was Cloud Atlas.  I know it’s gotten mixed reviews, but this movie lover can’t get it out of her head and is already planning on seeing it again (yes I just spoke about myself in the third person… and no I can’t promise it will never happen again).

And of course one of the best Parenthood episodes ever aired last Tuesday and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head either.  This season is taking a brilliant show and somehow making it even better.  If you’re not watching the Braverman clan, you are seriously missing out on the best hour of television every week.  With the best music.  See for yourself:

Tuesday, November 20th

PARENTHOOD: “Being Alone (feat. Robert Francis)” by Love On A Real Train (from their self-titled debut album)

PARENTHOOD: “In The Dark” by Josh Ritter (from The Animal Years)

PARENTHOOD: “The First Time I Ran Away” by M. Ward (from A Wasteland Companion)

COVERT AFFAIRS: “Heave” by The Maccabees (from Given To The Wild)

Oh and you’ll notice I slipped a song from COVERT AFFAIRS in there too (from the scene where Auggie and Annie finally kiss!  Yay!).  I haven’t listened much to The Maccabees up until now, but I have a feeling they’re going to be on a constant rotation on my iPod this holiday season.

Now, let the Christmas countdown begin!

xx Hannah


Tunes On The Tube: November 6 – 19

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and to celebrate, I’m giving you 2 weeks of Tunes on the Tube!  (Really I just wasn’t able to put together a post last week, but we can pretend it’s a Thanksgiving gift, right?)  I’m staying home this weekend and have the house to myself, and I’ll definitely be jamming out to some of these as I bake my Thanksgiving desserts.  Where is everyone going for the holiday?  Are you spending it with family or friends (or both)?

Thursday, November 8th

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Smother” by Daughter (2012 single)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “The Light” by The Album Leaf (from 2006’s Into The Blue Again)

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Gold” by Wake Owl (2012 single)

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Australia” by Conner Youngblood (from Sketches pt. 1)

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Passenger” by Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes (2012 single)

Monday, November 12th

GOSSIP GIRL: “Super Rich Kids” by Frank Ocean (from 2012’s channel ORANGE)

Tuesday, November 13th

PARENTHOOD: “I Don’t Want Love” by The Antlers (from 2011’s Burst Apart)

PARENTHOOD: “Para” by Calexico (from 2012’s Algiers)

PARENTHOOD: “Full Moon Rising” by Neil Halstead (from 2012’s Palindrome Hunches)

PARENTHOOD: “You Ain’t Alone” by Alabama Shakes (from 2012’s Boys & Girls)

COVERT AFFAIRS: “Are You Listening” by Kopecky Family Band (from 2012’s Kids Raising Kids)

Thursday, November 15th

GREY’S ANATOMY: “And Still, The Darkness Comes” by Aron Wright (2012 single)

GREY’S ANATOMY: “You Could Have It (So Much Better Without Me)” by Miss Li (from 2011’s Beats & Bruises)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

xx Hannah

Shazam’d! Friday – November 9th

Remember back when Ashley and I started this blog and I was all, “I’m gonna post every Sunday with my favorite Shazam’d songs from that week” and I did for a while, but then I stopped posting and it seemed like I’d just stopped Shazaming altogether?  Say it ain’t so!  Ok, it ain’t so.  I never stopped Shazaming, I just stopped blogging about it every Sunday because posting from my laptop at home has become a bit of a nightmare.

Since work has been hectic-city today, I’m taking a 10-er (that’s a 10-minute break for everyone without a day job.  Actually I think a 10-er is supposed to refer to a $10 bill, but I’m re-purposing it for the uses of this post) and I’m giving you what everyone should want on a Friday afternoon: weekend listening!  So ignore my giant run-on sentence and my over-eager use of the hyphen today, and get to listening!  And let me know if there’s anything you especially love and want more of (I’m a major people pleaser).

“Baby I’m Bad Weather” by Toussaint Morrison (from Toussaint Morrison Is Not My Boyfriend)

“Another Life” by NO (from Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Here Forever)


“Koop Island Blues” by Koop (from Coup De Grâce)


“Lullabies” by Yuna (from her 2012 self-titled debut album)


“Life’s A Beach” by Django Django (from their 2012 self-titled debut album)


“I Forget It’s There” by Lay Low (from Farewell Good Night’s Sleep)


“Harvest Moon” by Poolside (from Pacific Standard Time)


“Lonesome Dreams” by Lord Huron (from Lonesome Dreams)


“Concrete Wall” by Zee Avi (from Ghostbird)


“Sweet Nothing” by Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch (from 18 Months)


Also, to help you access all this music in one fell swoop, I’m creating two Spotify playlists – one for my Shazam’d songs, and one for the Tunes On The Tube.*  Follow them if you like music.  If you don’t like music, don’t follow them.  Oh and my full name is Hannah Cornforth so you can find me easily on Spotify.

*On second thought, I’m creating ONE BIG playlist combining the Shazam’d and Tunes On The Tube songs.  Efficiency, people.

Happy Friday everyone!

xx Hannah

Tunes On The Tube: October 30 – November 5

Keeping it short and sweet this week, with a couple tunes from two of my favorite shows. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 1st

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Happening” by Olivia Broadfield (from her album This Beautiful War)

Sunday, November 4th

REVENGE: “Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack (from their album Heligoland)

xx Hannah

Design Spotlight: Emily Henderson

I know it’s been all music, music, music with me since the blog started, but I really do have other interests.  Promise.

To prove it, I’m sharing some STUNNING work from my absolute favorite, never-gonna-love-any-designer-as-much-as-I-love-her interior designer, Emily Henderson.  She won season 5 of HGTV’s Design Star and now hosts her own show on HGTV called Secrets From A Stylist.  Added bonus: she’s from Oregon!  Yeah home state pride!

Here are a few of my favorite rooms from her design portfolio:

This has got to be one of my all-time favorite living rooms. I mean, look at that tufted beauty of a couch! That coffee table! Those colors!

I love Emily’s use of purple in this space, and her unexpected use of wood for the pelmet boxes (those awesome boxes hiding the curtain rods).

I mean. That staircase. No words.

Love the combination of turquoise walls with the red in the curtains and the rug. And that leather ottoman is SO gorgeous.

So many things to gush about in this room! The bold green paint that only goes 2/3 up the wall… the chairs at the foot of the bed… the beautiful pink headboard which lends a bit of old world glamour… and of course the gold bull head above the bed! If it were up to me, I’d put various animal heads in every room of my house (I currently have a cardboard bull head in my bedroom).

I am a huge fan of cowhide rugs and how they instantly make a space feel more homey/warm/inviting/polished/beautiful. Pair one with a stunning dark blue sofa and fun red cross art, and I never want to leave. As Liz Lemon would say, “I want to go to there.”

As if the spaces above aren’t beautiful enough, there are hundreds more photos available for your perusal/inspiration on Emily’s website.  Everything above was pulled directly from her portfolio.  She also keeps a blog on the site, which is super funny and informative and full of design and DIY tips and pictures from her life (looks like she has a gold bull head of her own!).  It’s a fun read, and I dare anyone not to love her after checking it out.

On a completely unrelated note, I hope everyone on the east coast is staying warm and dry, and my prayers are with everyone affected by Superstorm Sandy.  I may not love the constant heat in Los Angeles, but at the end of the day, I know how lucky I am to still have a home to go back to every night.  Stay safe, NY!

xx Hannah