30 Rock Finale- or, hello gaping hole in my life.

Hello again! It is a sad day indeed, friends. The SERIES finale of “30 Rock” airs tonight and I am not quite sure what to do about that. It’s obviously going to leave a gaping hole in my Thursday night line up (and in my heart) and I am a little scared of what might replace it. That with “The Office” ending this year- I mean come on. NBC, please don’t mess this one up next year. I suggest just 2 hours of Parks and Recreation, but what do I know.

So, in honor of all things Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy- please enjoy some of my favorite moments from this hilarious, smart, weird and amazing show. Also- watch tonight on NBC 8/9c! As Tina herself just said at the SAG Awards, “Just tape “The Big Bang Theory” for once for crying out loud!”* Blerg.

Don’t Mess w Liz’s food

And finally- all of the best Liz Lemon moments all rolled into one fine video- thanks, guy who had time to make this!

* I am going to go out on a limb and honestly ask- WHAT IS IT WITH THE BIG BANG THEORY ANYWAY? Also- Two and a Half Men…whyyy? I don’t get it. The end. Sorry.




Shazam’d! Friday – January 25th

I’m baaaaaaaaack! Back from Oregon, back from knee surgery, back from the holidays, back from the money-pit that was December. Back and ready to get this party that we’re calling 2013 started.  Beginning with some awesome new music (new to me, at least).

“Warm Spell” by Sinkane (from Mars)

“San Francisco” by The Mowgli’s (from Love’s Not Dead EP)

“St. James Infirmary” by Rickie Lee Jones (from The Devil You Know)

“Nissim” by The Gaslamp Killer (from Breakthrough)

“I’m Not In Love” by Olive (from Trickle)

“Dope Van Gogh” by Jenny O (single)

“Little Numbers” by BOY (single)

“Foolish Love” by Monophonics (from In Your Brain)

Happy Friday and Happy 2013!

xx Hannah