Weekend Wrap Up

Hey there folks-

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It’s Monday- which can usually be a drag, but I wanted to hopefully lift your spirits (or give you something to do/read/watch at work while you should be working). Enjoy!

The Oscars are in 2 weeks (hooray!) and in honor of the awards show, a new special episode of “Between Two Ferns” has been posted to Funnyordie.com. If you haven’t followed this series, GET ON IT because it will brighten your day. This episode features many of the nominees from the upcoming Academy Awards. Strangely enough, I do picture this to be very close to how Anne Hathaway behaves in real life…

ALSO- the GRAMMYS were last night! I expect Hannah has some great reviews from the show last night, but I thought I would share a few of my favorite moments.

First off- JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. I was absolutely the target demographic when ‘NSync first came onto the scene and because of that, I will be a fan for life. Also he’s just awesome. His performance last night was classy and fabulous and can I please have that new album now?!

Justin Timberlake Grammys 2013

Also- Taylor Swift’s adorably awkward dance moves

taylormumford taylorbrunomars taylordance

And Lena Dunham loving life.


For more Grammy highlights, visit our friend Nikki Pierce’s site- That’s Normal. She does a much better job than I ever could at capturing all of the best moments from last night.

That’s all I have for now! Have a lovely week!



3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. dudes! thanks so much for the link love! i agree on jt. i am that demo – that was my teen years, my college years my now… i love him and can’t wait for the new album.

    ALSO that elton/mavis/mumford/zac/brittany collab was the 2nd best performance of the night. AMAZING. I’ve watched in like 5 times since.

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