Before & After: Fun Credenza Makeover

Happy Tuesday/day after President’s Day, everyone!

I realize that I have promised more home design features in the past and have yet to deliver on that promise up until now, but I’m finally making it happen, folks. Today is the day. My first big before-and-after reveal. And I think it’s a pretty good one!

I’ve had the following credenza in my possession since summer of 2011, and have been talking about redoing it since the day I brought it home with me.

Credenza Before

But of course, as one is prone to do with a handy new piece of furniture, we just had to go and put stuff in it (lots of stuff, like tupperware and paper plates and glass baking dishes and springform pans) and all of a sudden my “I’m going to make this over soon!” became “I’m going to make this over someday…”. Well finally, someday has arrived.

I decided to really go for it and bring in multiple colors, patterns, and design elements, hoping that all of it harmoniously came together in the end and turned out like the vision in my head. This bad boy sits in our breakfast nook and looks directly into our kitchen, which is decorated with lots of blues and greens, so I decided I wanted navy blue as part of the credenza’s color scheme. Add in my current obsession with all things metallic, and gold was quickly added to the palette. Since I still wanted it to look classic and streamlined, I decided on pure white as the base color.

With my colors chosen, it wasn’t hard for me to decide on a chevron pattern for the drawers and a frosted glass look for the doors (since the stuff we store behind them isn’t always the prettiest).

Design plan done, I took off all of the doors and drawers and, with the help of a kind housemate, moved it into our dining area to begin work.

First step: sanding.

Credenza Sanding

Once I’d gone over the whole piece a couple times with my trusty sanding wedge, I applied Zinnser primer:

Credenza Priming

And then got to work painting everything with 2 coats of Behr’s Pure White in Satin. During drying times, I tackled the doors with a few coats of frosted glass spray paint and a pack of stick-on vinyl letters from the local art store.

Credenza spray painting

I chose the phrase “Be still and know” for the doors, which comes from “Be still and know that He is God.” Since LA can be a crazy city to call home, it was important for me to have that daily reminder that He is all I need; all I have to do is be okay in the stillness, and trust that God is in control of all things. Simple, but profound.

After the paint was dry on the doors, I used Rub N Buff in Gold Leaf to paint the outside of each door gold.

Credenza rub n buff

Thanks to an awesome Rub N Buff tutorial from Our Fifth House, the process was easy but time-consuming. I had to allow the first coat to dry for at least 4 hours before rubbing on a second, and with only enough space to do one door at a time, the Rub N Buff’ing process took a couple days from start to finish.

Last but certainly not least, I started in on the drawers. In order to achieve the desired chevron affect, I taped off diagonal stripes on each drawer, making sure to line them up so each stripe changed direction and continued onto the next drawer.

Credenza drawers

I started off by painting each drawer white, and then taped over that and added the gold and navy blue. At first I Rub N Buff’d every gold stripe (and felt like I was breaking my back as I applied each coat), but I had trouble getting full coverage that way, so I ended up taking the drawers out back and spraying them with some gold spray paint I had on hand. Much easier!

Once my white, gold, and navy stripes were complete, I untaped the drawers and added new hardware to everything (I found a great deal on some vintage white and brass knobs on Etsy – 13 for $25!). Since I only needed 8 knobs for the credenza, I’ve got 5 left over for another project in the future.

With the tape off and knobs on, my housemate and I moved the credenza back into the breakfast nook, reassembled all of the moving parts, and voila!

Credenza after

A beautiful credenza with character and charm for days.

Credenza after side view

I still need to move everything back in (all those paper plates and baking dishes and such) and style the top with some fun cookbooks, a fruit bowl or two, and my white Kitchenaid stand mixer. For now, though, I’m just happy that I can finally say “I did that!” instead of “I’m sure I’ll get around to that… maybe… someday…”

If anyone out there has a piece of furniture just sitting around waiting to be painted/stained/refinished, I challenge you to do it now! It will feel AMAZING once it’s done. Promise. 🙂

Hope you all have a lovely week!

xx Hannah

P.S. If you love this project, please head on over to Creating With The Stars and click on my link there (scroll down to submission #274 – there I am!). One of the top 12 projects is being decided by the number of clicks that each thumbnail receives, so click away and please share with your friends!


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