About Us

Hannah Cornforth, the better half of SooWhatNow, is a 20-something Oregonian now living in the fabulous West Hollywood area of Los Angeles. She lives in a cute bungalow with a few lovely ladies. The “Sexy Lexy” house (as it is nicknamed) is a great example of how Hannah can turn any place into a home. She is insanely crafty and has an eye for design. She cooks fabulous meals and is an ultimate host. Hannah spends her Sunday mornings volunteering in the nursery, bonding with the smallest members of her church. In addition to her amazing eye for design, she has the ability to spot hot new bands from miles away. She loves her some Mumford & Sons (you all should) and is a frequenter of the Los Angeles concert scene. Her love for TV knows no bounds and she is always up for a good discussion on the latest programming (Ron Swanson forever). Hannah is a Renaissance Woman. There, I said it.
She will be a huge creative force on this site, and if her early ideas are any sort of indicator of what is to come, you all are in for a treat.
Ashley Mahnken, the other half of SooWhatNow, is a 20-something Texan now living in a hip little corner of Los Angeles.  She is married to Grant, a handsome (obviously!) rancher from Missouri.  Of course he’s not a rancher anymore, living in LA and all, but he did grow up on a ranch and still has a fair bit of the cowboy spirit about him.  Which is partly why Ashley fell in love with him.  She enjoys whipping up delicious meals in less time than it takes most people to boil an egg, taking pictures of herself and her friends in “ugly eating” poses, making witty comments about her ugly eating pictures, and volunteering in every way possible at her church.  She has insanely good taste in food, movies, music, television (Ron Swanson forever!), and fashion.  Searching for an awesome creative outlet (cause she’s crazy creative, y’all), she has teamed up with Hannah (ooh that’s me!) to create SooWhatNow, a blog about movies, music, interior design, cooking, television, and everything in between.  She really hopes you enjoy it!

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