Nailed it.

Well hey there. Happy Thursday! This post comes to you from a few thousand feet in the air (Thank you, Virgin America). I am traveling from LA to Orlando to take part in a dear friend’s wedding. She is getting married AT Disney World. More on that later….

Now on to the nails! I don’t know what’s come over me recently, but I have been WAY into nail art/polish and the like. I am not really a girly girl, but this has definitely been a hobby of mine recently. So when I stumbled upon this little idea, I knew I had to try it. Also, I had a wide open Thursday night due to a lack of new TV episodes to keep me company (I miss you, Parks and Recreation/30 Rock/Office).

These “watercolor” nails seemed like a nice challenge so I gave it a go. Mine did not turn out quite as nice as the digits in the post above, but I was still fairly proud.

First, paint your nails a flat white color and let them dry completely.

Select 3 other colors and pour/drop each color on a plate. Pour a little bit of nail polish remover into a small bowl or use the lid of the bottle.

Dip your brush in the remover- use different brushes for different colors- and paint the thinned out colors onto your nails! I sort of blotted the brush making small faint circles. If you want to be super artsy, you can try to paint a few fancy flowers.

 As you can see, mine didn’t turn out quite as polished (pun INTENDED) as the ones in the link above, but still a fun project! They definitely look better from afar rather than close up.

I think the trick is using great, soft brushes and making sure you really thin out the polish before brushing it on.

And there you have it! If you are a man and you read this far down (thank you, husband and Dad) kudos to you!

Now, go paint your nails! As I always say- Chipped nails=chipped life.*

 * I don’t say that, ever.