Tunes On The Tube: November 27 – December 3

Today, TIME Magazine named my 2 favorite shows on television as #1 and #8 in their list of the best shows of 2012.  Today is a good day!  Congrats Parks And Recreation and Parenthood!  Of course #8 has a few songs on this week’s list… what else is new?  The Braverman clan are joined by some awesome tunes from HART OF DIXIE, GREY’S ANATOMY, GOSSIP GIRL, REVENGE and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.  It might be a whole lot of soapy TV, but the music is anything but.  Check it out:

Tuesday, November 27th

PARENTHOOD: “Embraceable You” by Jimmy Scott (from All The Way)

PARENTHOOD: “Sometimes The Sky” by Charlie Mars (from Blackberry Light)

HART OF DIXIE: “Can’t Go Back” by Little Big Town (from Tornado)

HART OF DIXIE: “What’s The Matter” by Milo Greene (from their self-titled debut album)

Thursday, November 29th

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran (from +)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Little Deschutes” by Laura Veirs (from July Flame)

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Signal In The Sky” by Matt Hires

GREY’S ANATOMY: “1957” by Milo Greene (from their self-titled debut album)

Sunday, December 2nd

REVENGE (also on Monday’s GOSSIP GIRL): “Tunnels” by The Hundred In The Hands (from Red Night)

Monday, December 3rd

GOSSIP GIRL: “For You” by Wolf Rider

GOSSIP GIRL: “Silent Machine” by Cat Power (from Sun)

xx Hannah


Tunes On The Tube: October 30 – November 5

Keeping it short and sweet this week, with a couple tunes from two of my favorite shows. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 1st

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Happening” by Olivia Broadfield (from her album This Beautiful War)

Sunday, November 4th

REVENGE: “Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack (from their album Heligoland)

xx Hannah

Tunes On The Tube: October 23 – 29

Yesterday morning I had a conversation with my mom on the way to work that went a little something like this:

Me: “Mom, is it weird that I kind of wish I was in New York right now so I could hole up in my apartment and watch TV or movies or read books or something and not have to be in LA in the gazillionth week in a row of 85 degree weather???  And yes I know it’s a hurricane, but still.  They’re getting out of work and they have an excuse to stay inside all day.”

Mom: “It’s not weird, but there are a lot of people in the city being evacuated you know… you wouldn’t necessarily get to stay in your apartment.”

Me: “I know, but I still wish I was there.  I want something other than sun for once.”

Yes, I realize the power is going out everywhere and there are fires burning down houses in Queens and Sandy is a very real, very dangerous threat that is costing lives on the east coast.  And I also realize that chances are my power would be out if I was in NY and thus the whole notion of movies and TV being a draw is ridiculous.  I am constantly praying for the people affected by Sandy and I do not take the storm lightly, lest you think I have an image in my head that it’s all fun and games in NY right now.

I just can’t handle one more day of 80+ degrees WHEN IT’S ALMOST NOVEMBER.  I would love some weather.  Any weather.  Just something other than sun.  I mean seriously, people, when am I going to get to break out my sweaters and boots and scarves and warm layers?  I want fall!!  This 3 month-long heat wave has got to stop!  And no, I don’t count a few days in a row of 70 degrees as fall.  Especially not when it immediately warms back up to the 80’s (or 90’s, like it was on Sunday).

Dear Lord, please give Los Angeles the season of Autumn.  Amen.

Another reason I’d like it to cool down?  Because using a Saturday to stay inside, bundle up on the couch, and marathon season 3 of Deadwood just isn’t as appealing when it’s hot and sunny outside.  Who am I kidding, it’s still appealing because I’m always up for TV marathons.  What I meant to say was, it’s not as acceptable when it’s hot and sunny outside.  I worry about what people think, y’all.  I don’t want my roomies judging me for Deadwood-a-thons in the middle of Octo-summer.

Regardless, I have still managed to keep up with most of the past week’s shows, and I’ve got some pretty awesome tunes for you to check out.  If you’re on the east coast and still have power, they’re all good for some rainy/hurricaney day listening.  And if you’re anywhere else, they’re good in any weather condition, really. 🙂

Tuesday, October 23rd

PARENTHOOD: “I Need You By My Side” by Michael Kiwanuka (from his I’m Getting Ready EP)

PARENTHOOD: “Dark Parts” and “Sister Song” by Perfume Genius (both from Put Your Back N 2 It)

PARENTHOOD: “Guiltfree” by Bootstraps (from their self-titled debut album)

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: “Who Are You, Really?” by Mikky Ekko (from the EP Reds)

Thursday, October 25th

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Home” by Daughter (from their EP The Wild Youth)

GREY’S ANATOMY: “I’ll Never Forget You” by Birdy (from her self-titled debut album)

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Forever Drunk” by Miss Li (from her album Beats & Bruises)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Too Close” by Alex Clare (from his debut album The Lateness Of The Hour)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Keep You” by Wild Belle (from their self-titled sophomore EP)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers (from their self-titled debut album)

Sunday, October 28th

THE GOOD WIFE: “Folk Bloodbath” by Josh Ritter (from his album So Runs The World Away)

REVENGE: “For You” by Angus and Julia Stone (from their album Down The Way)

xx Hannah

Tunes On The Tube: October 19 – 22

This week’s Tunes On The Tube is going to be much shorter than usual (and much, MUCH shorter than last Friday’s monstrosity).  Only two picks for you – one from REVENGE and one from SWITCHED AT BIRTH.  Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, October 21st

REVENGE: “The Heart Has Its Reasons” by Azure Ray (from their EP As Above So Below)

Monday, October 22nd

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: “Battle Cry” by Kyler England (from her album Electric Hum)

xx Hannah

Tunes On The Tube: September 25 – October 1

Hopefully 4 days is ample time to fully digest all of the music I shared with you last Friday, because you’ve got more music coming your way.  Right.  Now.  Leave it to GREY’S and REVENGE to bring out the catchy indie tunes in their season premieres.

GREY’S has gone a little soft, reusing music from past seasons and depending too heavily (in my opinion) on certain songs to really drag out the emotional responses from its audience.  That being said, I still watch it (I think it’s an “I’ve watched it this long, I might as well stay until the end” type thing), and it still elicits the intended emotional responses from me.

REVENGE is one of my favorite shows music-wise, and I think its music supervisor is one of the best in the business right now.  I’m constantly discovering amazing new music as I drift through the dark side of the Hamptons, and my pick this week is no exception.  Except I already knew Chromatics.  But they’re really good and a lot of people don’t know them, so my guess is that most of REVENGE’s audience discovered something new on Sunday.

Here they are, folks – the first songs from the new fall season.  Let me know what you think!

Thursday, September 27th

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Feels Like The End” by Mikky Ekko

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Without You” by One Two

Sunday, September 30th

REVENGE: “Into The Black” by Chromatics (from the album Kill For Love)

xx Hannah

Tunes on the Tube: April 29 – May 5

We’re almost to summer, which means my Tunes On The Tube lists will soon fade away into nothingness until fall brings back all of my favorite music-heavy shows.  So get your fill of Tuesday’s Tunes now, while you still can!

This week wasn’t my favorite as far as music was concerned, but there were a few good songs worth mentioning.  GOSSIP GIRL brought it like it always does with a stellar track from Tribes.  REVENGE, also a consistent source of great music, used Warpaint to great effect in the closing montage.  And THE VAMPIRE DIARIES gave us “Reno” by The Gods of Macho – harder rock than I usually like, but the opening is so catchy that I couldn’t resist sharing it.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Monday, April 30th

GOSSIP GIRL: “Alone Or With Friends” by Tribes (from the album Baby)

Wednesday, May 2nd

REVENGE: “Stars” by Warpaint (from the EP Exquisite Corpse)

Thursday, May 3rd

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Reno” by The Gods of Macho (from their forthcoming EP Play 5 Songs)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Act On Impulse” by We Were Promised Jetpacks (from the album In The Pit Of The Stomach)

Tunes On The Tube: April 15-21

Last week saw one of my absolute favorite new artists, Foxes, get a very prominent placement in the last few minutes of GOSSIP GIRL.  I mentioned her a few weeks ago and told you all to go listen to the 2 songs she had released, then posted about her AGAIN when she released a 3rd song about a week ago.  Now GG is using her music.

Seriously, yo, if you haven’t already checked this girl out, NOW IS THE TIME.  My friends will tell you I’m an excitable person and I tend to talk things up, but I don’t get THIS excited and bring an artist up this many times unless I really believe they are something special.  Foxes is that artist.  Do yourself a favor and discover her now, while you can still see her in intimate, cozy little venues, before the whole world is let in on the secret and suddenly you have to fight to get tickets for her sold out arena shows.

Now on with the music:

Monday, April 16th

GOSSIP GIRL: “Youth” by Foxes

HART OF DIXIE: “A Soft Place To Land” by Kathleen Edwards (from the album Voyageur)

Tuesday, April 17th

RINGER: “Make It Happen” by Gemma Ray (from the album Island Fire)

RINGER: “Stay With Me” by New Found Land (from the album The Bell)

Wednesday, April 18th

REVENGE: “One Soul Less On Your Fiery List” by Okkervil River (from the EP Golden Opportunities 2)

Thursday, April 19th

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Shame On You” by Mariah McManus (from the album Nice To Meet You)