Tunes On The Tube: December 4 – 10

You know when you’re going through a bit of a tough time but you’re all, “This will be okay” and then you find out something that makes it tougher and then something after that that makes it A LOT tougher?  Welcome to my week.  I’ve officially had 2 breakdowns today, and 1 last night.  At the risk of sounding whiny, it really feels like I’m a punching bag for the big guy in the sky right now, and I’d like to know when it will all be better.  Oh wait, it won’t until I get through all the crap that’s happening NEXT YEAR.  That’s right, folks, my bad time is following me well into 2013.  My mom keeps reminding me I could have it worse, and she’s right.  I’m not dying.  I’m just having a bit of a particularly stressful financial crisis due to the state of the insurance system in this country.  Which I will get over.  Eventually.

After my latest breakdown at work approximately 30 seconds ago (don’t worry, my bosses are out so I’m not subjecting them to the horrors of my unprofessional cry face), you know what cheered me up just a sliver?  The thought that at least there’s a new PARENTHOOD tonight.  And then I remembered that just the promo for tonight’s episode made me cry last week, so I’m sure I’ll be doing some serious heaving and blubbering come 10:00pm.  Which might be just what I need… a bit of PARENTHOOD to clean out my system.

What about you guys?  Do you ever just feel like you need a good cry?  Do you have any shows that make you cry during every. single. episode. –  without fail?

Tuesday, December 4th

PARENTHOOD: “High Hope” by Glen Hansard (from Rhythm And Repose)

Thursday, December 6th

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Eyes On Fire” by Blue Foundation (single)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Speechless” by Morning Parade (from their self-titled 2012 album)

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Santa Fe” by Beirut (from The Rip Tide)

Monday, December 10th

GOSSIP GIRL: “Hanging On” by Ellie Goulding (from Halcyon)

xx Hannah


Tunes On The Tube: November 27 – December 3

Today, TIME Magazine named my 2 favorite shows on television as #1 and #8 in their list of the best shows of 2012.  Today is a good day!  Congrats Parks And Recreation and Parenthood!  Of course #8 has a few songs on this week’s list… what else is new?  The Braverman clan are joined by some awesome tunes from HART OF DIXIE, GREY’S ANATOMY, GOSSIP GIRL, REVENGE and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.  It might be a whole lot of soapy TV, but the music is anything but.  Check it out:

Tuesday, November 27th

PARENTHOOD: “Embraceable You” by Jimmy Scott (from All The Way)

PARENTHOOD: “Sometimes The Sky” by Charlie Mars (from Blackberry Light)

HART OF DIXIE: “Can’t Go Back” by Little Big Town (from Tornado)

HART OF DIXIE: “What’s The Matter” by Milo Greene (from their self-titled debut album)

Thursday, November 29th

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran (from +)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Little Deschutes” by Laura Veirs (from July Flame)

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Signal In The Sky” by Matt Hires

GREY’S ANATOMY: “1957” by Milo Greene (from their self-titled debut album)

Sunday, December 2nd

REVENGE (also on Monday’s GOSSIP GIRL): “Tunnels” by The Hundred In The Hands (from Red Night)

Monday, December 3rd

GOSSIP GIRL: “For You” by Wolf Rider

GOSSIP GIRL: “Silent Machine” by Cat Power (from Sun)

xx Hannah

Tunes On The Tube: October 2 – 18

Are you all as happy as I am that Ashley’s back?  Because I’m really happy!  Girl can write.  Plus she’s hilarious and can cook.  Basically she’s an awesome blogger and even if I didn’t blog with her, I would still read her blog.

Now I know her excellency the queen of blogging said that I’d be here on Tuesday with a new Tunes On The Tube, but y’all, I had some computer issues working against me.  Seems I can’t blog from my laptop at home anymore, because it’s old and slow and it takes me 5 minutes to type one sentence.  Not even exaggerating.  So I tried and tried and tried (and then tried some more) to bust this baby out for you on Tuesday night, but my computer would not cooperate.  Then Wednesday our internet went down at work (a very common occurrence, thanks to the WORST INTERNET EVER from Verizon) so I couldn’t use my lunch hour to blog it out.  And guess what happened when I came on yesterday to finally do it?  Our internet went out again.  Seriously.  Which means today is the day.  You’re finally getting alllllllll of the music from the last 2 1/2 weeks of TV.

By the way, was I the only one blubbering like a baby during GREY’S ANATOMY and PARENTHOOD last week?  Especially PARENTHOOD.  That show gets me like no other show on television right now.  If you haven’t watched it, you’re missing out.  It’s the most real, poignant, emotionally true, well-acted, well-written, well-directed show currently on any station, network or cable.  If you’re not already watching it, go buy season 1 now.  Or ask for it for Christmas.  And then prepare to fall in love!

Also, best song this week is from PARENTHOOD (surprise, surprise).  It’s the Little Daylight remix of Edward Sharpe’s “Man On Fire” and it is gooooooood.  Check it out below and if you love it, download it for free!

Thursday, October 4th

GREY’S ANATOMY: “All I Want” by Kodaline (from The Kodaline EP)

Monday, October 8th

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: “Re-Arrange Again” by Erin McCarley (from her album My Stadium Electric)

Tuesday, October 9th

PARENTHOOD: “Man On Fire (Little Daylight Remix)” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

PARENTHOOD: “Shed Their Fear” by Yael Meyer (from her album Everything Will Be Alright)

PARENTHOOD: “Heartbeat” by Kopecky Family Band

PARENTHOOD: “Flowers In Your Hair” by The Lumineers (from their self-titled debut album)

HART OF DIXIE: “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” by Eli Young Band (from their album Life At Best)

Thursday, October 11th

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Twice” by Little Dragon (from their 2009 self-titled debut album)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Wait For The Morning” by Amy Stroup (from her album The Other Side of Love Sessions)

Tuesday, October 16th

COVERT AFFAIRS: “Porcelain” by Lucy Schwartz (from 2011’s Keep Me EP)

Thursday, October 18th

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Ungodly Hour” by The Fray (from their self-titled 2009 album)

xx Hannah

Tunes On The Tube: May 6-12

I apologize for my absence in the blogosphere last week; things got a bit busy here in LA, and I’m afraid my blogging suffered as a result.  But I’m back now and ready to blog it up with tunes on the tube!

The standout bit of TV for me this week was the last scene of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ season finale, in which (spoiler alert!!) Elena makes Stefan save Matt instead of her, and she drowns to the tune of Sigur Ros while we simultaneously see her parents drown in the same lake a few years back.  Was I the only one blubbering for a good 10 minutes on Friday night as I caught up on DVR?  And I mean that awful, ugly kind of blubbering cry where you yell at the TV “what the bleep?!?!?!?!?!” as Elena’s drowning and her parents are drowning and then she’s motioning for Stefan to save Matt and then more crying because how can she be so brave and selfless? and oh my gosh how is the show going to go on without Elena?! and then “what do you mean you SAVED her????” and then more yelling at the TV as Elena wakes up and oh my gosh the producers weren’t lying when they said this finale changed EVERYTHING and WTF ELENA IS NOW A VAMPIRE.  Oh, you mean to say you didn’t have that reaction?  Well then you must not have feelings, because that final scene sucked out all of my feelings and tossed them around like a washing machine.

So, yeah, check out the Sigur Ros song below and, if you watch THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, relive that moment over and over again with every listen.  I just did.

GOSSIP GIRL also had some great stuff last Monday, including one of my favorite new bands, Imagine Dragons.  And HART OF DIXIE can always be counted on for a few nuggets of country/bluegrass gold (speaking of HOD, I watched the season finale last night and have many thoughts that I will share with you next Tuesday.  Just you wait… you’ll probably get another stream of consciousness thought bubble similar to the one above).

Monday, May 7th

GOSSIP GIRL: “Halfway Home” by Tribes (from the album Baby)

GOSSIP GIRL: “Love Is A Fire” by Courrier

GOSSIP GIRL: “Round and Round” by Imagine Dragons (from their Continued Silence EP)

HART OF DIXIE: “Anyhow…” by Tyler Lyle (from The Golden Age & The Silver Girl)

HART OF DIXIE: “The Dregs of Birch” by The Duhks (from their self-titled album) – awesome bluegrass, available for listening at Spotify

Thursday, May 10th

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Dauoalogn” by Sigur Ros (from their forthcoming album Valtari, out May 29th)

Tunes On The Tube: April 22-28

My roundup of music on TV this week includes several repeat performers (Foxes and Mariah McManus were both on my list last week, and Daughter made an appearance a few weeks ago) and mostly bands that I already know and love (hello The Naked and Famous and Of Monsters and Men!).  You Say Party! We Say Die! is no longer active as a band, but their song “Heart of Gold” is worth checking out on Spotify.  Their entire album is worth checking out, for that matter.  Last but certainly not least, The Fray is back on TV with their song “Be Still,” which is one of the more beautiful songs I’ve heard in a while.

All in all, there is some seriously great music listed below, even if it’s mostly stuff you’ve heard before.  Enjoy!

Monday, April 23rd

GOSSIP GIRL: “Home” by Foxes

HART OF DIXIE: “Say It Again” by Mariah McManus (from the album Nice To Meet You)

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT: “Heart of Gold” by You Say Party! We Say Die! (from the album XXXX) – available on Spotify, iTunes and

Thursday, April 26th

VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Be Still” by The Fray (from the album Scars & Stories)

VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Medicine” by Daughter (from the EP The Wild Youth)

GREY’S ANATOMY: “The Sun” by The Naked and Famous (from the album Passive Me, Aggressive You)

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Lakehouse” by Of Monsters and Men (from the album My Head Is An Animal)

GREY’S ANATOMY: “Young Blood” by Birdy (from her self-titled debut album)

Tunes on the Tube: March 25-31

This week’s songs are brought to you by RINGER, THE SECRET CIRCLE, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, and UP ALL NIGHT.  Let’s hear it for the lone comedy that managed to sneak into this week’s line-up!

Tuesday, March 27th

RINGER: “Year of the Tiger” by St. Vincent (from the album Strange Mercy)

Thursday, March 29th

UP ALL NIGHT: “Sleeping Angel” by Stevie Nicks

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “On Your Way” by Alabama Shakes (from the album Boys & Girls)

THE SECRET CIRCLE: “Homecoming” by The Duke Spirit (from the album Bruiser)

THE SECRET CIRCLE: “You Wish You Were Red” by Trailer Trash Tracys (from the album Ester)

Tunes on the Tube: March 18-24

As I predicted in last Tuesday’s post, all of the songs this week are from the same shows!  Don’t worry though, once the mid-season and summer shows start airing, my lists will change quite a bit.  For now, enjoy the stellar music that RINGER, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES are using.  Most of it I’d heard before, but there are a couple new songs for me in the list below!

Monday, March 19th

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: “Always” by Peter Bradley Adams (from the album Leavetaking)

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: “Suggestions” by Orelia Has Orchestra (from the album Orelia Has Orchestra)

Tuesday, March 20th

RINGER: “Tightrope” by Joy Williams (from the EP We Mapped The World)

RINGER: “Smoke And Mirrors” by Gotye (from the album Making Mirrors)

Thursday, March 22nd

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Can’t Go Back” by Rosi Golan (from the album Lead Balloon)