What are we doing here?

Hello all, and welcome to soowhatnow!  I’m Hannah, your co-host, co-creator, co-blogger extraordinaire.  My friend Ashley and I created soowhatnow as a place to share our favorite movies, music, food, television, and interior design ideas.  We are both twenty-somethings from small city America (Ashley’s from Texas and I’m from Oregon), now living in the fast-paced entertainment-driven urban sprawl of Los Angeles.

Ashley is newly married and I am 27 years single, and we’re both at points in our lives where “so what now?” has become an increasingly uttered question, for us and for all of our friends.  It’s the question we all ask ourselves at numerous points in our lives, and is especially prevalent among Gen Y’ers like us.  We decided our “what now” was this blog – an outlet for our creativity and a space where we can build something outside of our jobs.

Prepare yourself for some seriously fun recipes, movie reviews, top ten lists, music recommendations, before-and-after projects and more.  We might even have a few of our insanely awesome LA friends drop by as guest bloggers, so get ready to have your socks knocked off by their knowledge and know-how, not to mention their wit!

We can’t wait to start sharing our world with all of you, and we hope that you’ll share yours right back by following, commenting, emailing us, and sharing soowhatnow with all of your friends who might be asking the same question – so what now?


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